Floaters & Flashes

Treatment for Floaters & Flashes in El Paso

close up of mature woman smilingClear, reliable vision has a powerful impact on your quality of life. Vision loss isn’t limited to darkness or blurred eyesight. If your sight is interrupted by floaters or flashes, the right treatment can help restore your vision and let you get back to enjoying what you love. Dr. Daniel G. Blumenfeld offers high-quality treatments with precision and care. If you’re looking for a skilled ophthalmologist who can handle your situation with respect and compassion, you’ll find the care you need with us.

When you visit our El Paso ophthalmologist, your comfort and well-being are our top priority. We rely on top-of-the-line technology and treatments to identify your eye problems quickly and provide effective solutions. Schedule a call with our vision center and start on the path to better vision today!


What Are Floaters and Flashes?

senior man consulting with doctor while pointing at his eyeIf flashes or floaters are impacting your vision, you’re likely aware that you have them but may not have had a name to put to the problem. Floaters are specks or lines that sometimes drift into your field of vision. The eye is filled with a clear jelly-like fluid called the vitreous humor. As we age, this fluid can solidify in small spots. These more solid bits occasionally pass through your vision, temporarily affecting what you can see.

Most of us have them on occasion, especially those over age 50, and infrequent floaters are typically not a cause for concern. However, if the floaters occur suddenly and are accompanied by flashes of light, this could indicate a more serious issue.

What Causes Flashes and Floaters?

A combination of flashes and floaters could be a sign of vitreous detachment, or more seriously, a tear or detachment of the retina. Any of these conditions could eventually lead to severe vision problems or even vision loss, so it’s essential to reach out to an eye doctor as soon as you become aware of the symptoms.

Eye Exams for Floaters and Flashes

mature woman having eye drops applied to her eyeThis issue may sometimes be detected during a routine exam. However, if you’re noticing a problem, we can also perform a specific test to identify the cause of your floaters and flashes. The exam starts by dilating the pupil, which allows Dr. Blumenfeld a clearer look at your entire eye. He carefully studies the condition of the vitreous, determining how significant the floaters have become. Dr. Blumenfeld also examines the retina for signs of tearing or detachment. After making a diagnosis, he will take the time to walk you through your situation and what kind of treatment options are available to you.

Treatments for Flashes and Floaters

The best course of action will depend on your condition and how it has progressed. Dr. Blumenfeld will explain things in detail and answer any questions you have.

Here are some of the treatments that may be recommended to you.

  • Monitoring: If you have floaters, but your eye is otherwise healthy, the most common treatment is to watch and wait. Floaters don’t dissolve or go away, but they may become less noticeable over time. Eventually, floaters sink to the bottom of the eye, so they no longer get in the way of your sight and seem to ‘disappear.’ So long as the frequency of floaters isn’t getting worse, it’s safest simply to leave them alone. Dr. Blumenfeld will regularly check your eyes to ensure that the situation doesn’t progress and that any issues can be dealt with quickly.
  • Eye Floater Surgery: If your floaters are becoming more frequent and severely impacting your vision and function, it is possible to remove them surgically. This procedure is called a vitrectomy, and it uses incisions to remove the floaters from the eye. Like all surgeries, there are potential risks to this procedure, which is why waiting and observing is usually recommended before considering this course of treatment.
  • Retinal Surgery: If the retina has torn or become detached, surgical treatment is necessary to repair or restore it and protect your eyesight as much as possible. This situation is considered an emergency and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Dr. Blumenfeld will refer you to a trusted retinal specialist who can provide the expert care you need to help your eye heal.

Protecting Your Vision in El Paso

At the practice of Daniel G. Blumenfeld, M.D., we know how distressing it can be when you have issues with your vision. We want to do everything we can to provide you with answers and reassurance, as well as high-quality treatment when you need it most.

Give our El Paso vision center a call today for comprehensive exams, expert care, and a compassionate team that puts your needs first.



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